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dj-stripe 2.4.4 release notes (2021-05-22)

  • Fix syncing of tax IDs in management commands
  • Set default_auto_field in migrations to prevent creation of extra migrations
  • Misc test and documentation fixes

dj-stripe 2.4.3 release notes (2021-02-08)

  • Fix webhook error when processing events that contain a reference to a deleted payment method (such as a refund on a payment whose card has been detached or removed)
  • Fix a couple of regressions in djstripe_sync_models management command.

dj-stripe 2.4.2 release notes (2021-01-24)

Release notes

  • Fix error in Customer.add_card() due to Stripe's sources deprecation. (#1293)
  • Fix Subscription.update() usage of the deprecated Stripe prorate argument. dj-stripe now explicitly uses proration_behavior, setting it to "none" when prorate is False, and "create_prorations" when prorate is True.

dj-stripe 2.4.1 release notes (2020-11-29)

Release notes

  • Upgrade default Stripe API version to 2020-08-27. Although we documented doing so in 2.4.0, it was not correctly set as such. This has been fixed for consistency.
  • The Price model was incorrectly released with an amount_in_cents property, matching that of the Plan model. However, Price amounts are already in cent. The property has been removed, use unit_amount instead.
  • Fix Price.human_readable_price calculation
  • Fix non-blank nullable Charge fields
  • Fix Price.tiers not being synced correctly with djstripe_sync_models (#1284)
  • Fix sync model recursion loop (see #1288)