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dj-stripe 2.7.3 (2022-11-26)

Due to Stripe dropping support for the Order model, we have had to restrict the Stripe SDK to versions below 5.0.0.

This release thus fixes the following error:

AttributeError: module 'stripe' has no attribute 'Order'

More info:

If you are on an older version of dj-stripe and cannot upgrade, you may simply install an older version of the Stripe SDK, for example with pip install stripe<5.0.0.

dj-stripe 2.7.2 (2022-10-21)

Release notes

  • Fix installing with Poetry on Django 4.0 and higher

dj-stripe 2.7.1 (2022-10-20)

Release notes

  • Remove an enum value generating an extra migration
  • Allow Django 4.1 as a dependency (Note: Running dj-stripe 2.7.x with Django 4.1 is untested)